PiaggioSA (TUK TUK)

The  brand with more than sixty years of history and success. Compact, maneuverable, and versatile light urban means of transport for short-distance travel. It is well recognized in several European countries as well as in South and Central America and Africa. This   makes these little vehicles the market leader in this specific automotive market segment.

Exciting News!

Piaggio Electric Tuk Tuks Now Available in South Africa!

Join the electric revolution and be a part of a Cleaner, Greener Future with Piaggio’s Electric e-City Max Tuk Tuks!

🔹 Key Features:

✅ Zero Emissions

✅ Low Maintenance

✅ Powerful 5.44 kW / 29Nm Torque motor

✅ 8KWh capacity Lithium-Ion battery

✅ Four-seater Fun, Top speed of 50 km/h

✅ Impressive range of 145 – 150 km

✅ Easy Home Charging

✅ Home Delivery Option when fitted with Fiberglass Delivery Box

Price: R179,999.00 including Vat & Registration

Price on Qty orders of 8 or more, R169,000.00 including Vat & Registration

Join the electric revolution and place your order now with a 60% deposit and a 6-8 week delivery lead time.

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