Be sure to Follow these courageous Belgian adventurers on their incredible and inspiring Overland journey through Southern Africa by three-wheel Tuk-Tuk!
Having customized their vehicles, the team of 6 left JHB in mid-January, heading to Mpumalanga where they experienced the best wildlife that South Africa can offer in the Kruger Park.
From there, their travels took them onto Swaziland and Lesotho over the roughest but incredibly scenic terrain before heading down the pristine East Coast to Cape Town.
From Cape Town they wound their way up to Namibia where they encountered spectacular landscapes in the desert, meeting the local peoples and their different cultures before heading on to Botswana with its magnificent wildlife and diverse topography.
From there, they continued their journey to Zimbabwe with its vibrant villages and cheerful but disadvantaged inhabitants where they are currently traveling.
They will be heading back to Botswana for the final leg of their adventure before heading back to Johannesburg at the end of June
Follow their journey on social media and be inspired to embark on your own overland adventure!
Photography courtesy of @eastcapades, @ptiket3wheels and @2k2ktoAfrica

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